19 January 2013

I Love Snow

It's here, the snow has arrived! 
I'm so excited, I just love the snow, don't you? I can't wait to start playing in it **sits impatiently** but we have to do the photo posing first **resigned sigh**

We are so lucky, behind our house is a private lane, the most ideal place to play in the snow, as nobody drives down it. So off we head, but before the fun can begin we has to do the photo posing again **sigh** me and daddy knows better than to argue with mummy about this, she is the Boss after all...

I don't normally allow the hoomans to be in the pictures with me, as they are weird looking things standing there on their two legs, they spoil the pictures of Me! 
But as they don't distract you from my cuteness in these, I decided to make an exception this time, I know I'm getting soft in my old age.

Me and Daddy
Me and Mummy

I think mummy looks a bit like Father Christmas with her big red coat on **muffled giggles behind paws** but shhhhh don't tell her I said that, she will not be happy BOL.

 As you can tell I wanted to get off and play so I wouldn't look at the camera, this picture posing was taking far too long for my liking when there is snow to play in!

Oh No, guess what?
They forgot to bring the ball! 
So I chasing things called snowballs, it was great fun. 

Where do they go?

I wasn't able to pick up a single one of them, which was a little frustrating and very confusing.

Then I found a stick to play with, and mummy told me to LEAVE IT in a massive voice that made me jump. I know I'm not allowed to play with sticks as they are dangerous, I think as they forgot to bring my ball it was a little unfair, but we have to humour the hoomans don't we? They likes to think they control us, so it was back to the silly old snowballs again. 

Before I knew it I was covered in snow, they kept kicking snow towards me, which was fun to run into. 

They kept throwing them silly snowballs at each other and making lots of noise and laughing, so I joined in barking my head off, we had so much fun, I wish we had snow so much more often in this country.

The one problem with short legs in the snow is snow bobbles, yes they look funny, but they aren't very nice at all. They make my fur pull and it can get sore if  I'm left too long with them. 

Sadly snow bobbles always dictate the end of our fun. My hoomans always have my welfare at heart, so back home we went and into my nice warm towel bag to defrost.

If I'm lucky the snow will still be here tomorrow for another game.

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  1. Ah, brilliant fun! We love the snow too :-)

  2. Oh, Badger....what amazing fun you had in the snow! If you get a chance, run around in it for me (since I live in Florida and never see it)!!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. OMP that must be terrible never to see snow, next time it's here I run around a bit extra just for you ..

  3. Wowser!! That looks like you had a blast. Sorry mummy and daddy forgot your ball. Do you get those snow bobbles between your toes??? my girlz hate that, but do enjoy warming up in front of the woodstove after a romp in the white stuff.

    1. My feet are trimmed quite short so luckily I never get them between my toes, just everywhere else BOL

  4. Looks like lots of fun. I am surprised you are wearing a coat, it is that cold? I get the snow bobbles too but sometimes I get them between my paw pads and mom has to help get them out along the way. Have fun!

    1. I'm getting on a bit now Miss Emma I'm 11 years young and starting to feel the cold more than I used too, snow bobbles are a pain but luckily my feet are trimmed so I don't get them between my toes x

  5. That looks so much fun, I love the snow!

    1. Me too Miss Clowie, sometimes I have to hop quite high to get through it though as I only have little legs xx

  6. Thank you for your lovely comments, I don't know how I missed replying to you sorry xxxx


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